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I have taken down the graph I had here because I am not sure of the accuracy of a few details, even though the substance is correct. Specifically that graph (which came from another source) shows job increases EVERY month for the past approximate 30 months. BUT, the records I see on Bureau of Labor Statistics show a relatively minor discrepancy of losses for the months of June, July, August and September, 2010.


Series Id: CES0000000001
Seasonally Adjusted
Super Sector: Total nonfarm
Total nonfarm

These records DO show an increase of over 4,089,000 (average of about 146,000 per month) for the 28 months from February of 2010 thru August of 2012, which is a huge improvement over all preceding Republican Presidents (3 times the 55,000 per month that George Bush averaged and 12 times the 11,440 per month that George W. Bush averaged), but the graph does not appear to me to correspond exactly to the BLS records.

Here are the basic facts according to the BLS records mentioned above:

February of 2010 (when Obama had been in office about a year) is the month he got the jobs situation "turned around" (stopped losing jobs and started creating jobs). The BLS shows the following:

  133,333,000: JOBS EXISTING END OF AUGUST, 2012   
less    129,244, 000: JOBS EXISTING FEBRUARY, 2010 

4,089,000 NET INCREASE IN 28 MONTHS (from February of 2010 thru August of 2012) 4,089,000 jobs in 28 months divided by 28 = 146,035,714 average increase in past 28 months

NOTE: Above calculations do NOT include the month of September, 2012 which was a net increase (preliminary) of about 114,00 jobs.
But including that "preliminary" number (or excluding it) will not cause a significant change in the basic results over the 28 months from February of 2010 thru August of 2012, of an average of 146,035,714 monthly.

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